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I help women discover their authentic selves!
As a Self Discovery Coach, I want to see women rediscover themselves, set meaningful goals, and create a fulfilling life filled with...

Purpose, Joy, & Satisfaction


Welcome to my world of transformation and self-discovery!


With over two decades of unwavering support for my husband's service in the Air Force, I proudly mark 31 years of marriage. Alongside our journey, we've nurtured four incredible children, three of whom flourished under our homeschooling approach, while our youngest thrives in a specialized developmental school for children with special needs. Guiding their educational path and personal growth was a task that often challenged me yet fueled my determination.


As a dedicated homemaker, I found a profound purpose in shaping the futures of our children. Despite moments of self-doubt, I persisted because a deep desire for their success fueled me. Each milestone they achieved fueled my own journey of self-discovery, navigating through feelings of isolation and rejection and ultimately finding profound joy and fulfillment in embracing my true purpose.


Amidst nurturing my family, I founded Circle of Moms, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families, one birth at a time. As the Founder and CEO, I've witnessed the transformative power of what happens when women are supported!


With dual bachelor's degrees in Sociology and Applied Behavioral Science, graduating with honors (cum laude), I bring a wealth of academic insight to my role as a Self-discovery Coach. Through personalized guidance, I empower individuals to identify and challenge limiting beliefs, develop new coping strategies, and enhance their self-awareness.


Embark on a transformative journey with me and unlock the boundless potential of self-discovery. Together, let's craft a life that authentically reflects your essence. Join me, and let's weave a life-changing tapestry of your true self.

About Alaine
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