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"Lilies grow in the valleys and in the field. They may even grow among thorns. Sometimes, they are cultivated to grow in planted gardens. In speaking of God's blessing on Israel, Hosea states that "he shall grow as the lily." This indicates that the lily grows rapidly and commonly in many places."         


- David Reagan 


As an Air Force wife for  24 years I supported my husband while he served our country. We celebrate 27 years of marriage.  Together we have 4 children, three of which were homeschooled. The youngest child attends a developmental school for children with special needs. ​As a stay at home mom, I made sure that each child had a yearly action plan so that they would have great success and continued personal growth.

After 18 years of teaching our children at home they all went on to college to pursue their purpose. 

While preparing our children for college, I started a non profit organization.  As the Founder and CEO of A Woman, A Wife, A Mother Ministries, I have been mentoring women for 22 years. We cover everything from organizing the home, child training tips and tricks, marriage, and more. 

As your  Coach I will help you define yourself so that you can create a vision and mission for your life. Together we will develop your personal action plan. You will receive assessments, homework assignments and strategies to prosper. As your accountability I will walk beside you every step of the way and celebrate your results.